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Hello, we’re 

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A creative studio, a design shop, an animation house.
A diverse team from all over the globe.

For 13 years, we’ve worked hard to cultivate the best talent in the industry and, together, craft meaningful and creative work.

We know that people don’t remember what you tell them, but how you make them feel. We know that everything we put in the world is a statement of our taste.

We know that love is always the secret ingredient. But don’t measure us by our words. Measure us by our work.

NYC Metro Studio

160 19th street, 
Union City NJ 07087


Paul Pangman
Studio Representative

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Work with us.

Our awesome team creates several hundreds of animations a year for clients around the globe. Working on a diverse range of creative projects means we need team members with many talents and diverse perspectives. Our team is a diverse group of experienced, skilled, successful artists that always deliver unique and entertaining animations. Many of our artists have either moved upward with us or moved on to become: Emmy nominees, Animation Domination Directors, Feature Film Storyboard Artists, production heads, and more. See our job openings and our other studios here.

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